Terpsichore Management

Our Mission

To identify, develop, guide and foster those who display the potential for and aspire to achieve professional status in the world of dance. Terpsichore Management is unique in that we provide the guidance necessary to match developing dance talent to the best choice of training and representation. Then we work to connect our clients with commercial productions offering to the entertainment industry the highest esthetic and artistry built on superior technique and training creating a commodity of beauty.

Terpsichore Management works to redefine the value of dance creating a bankable commodity for film, television and Equity stage production by working to develop projects for the artists we represent. We proactively participate in every stage of an artist's career and the projects we help to create.

Our focus is on broadening opportunities for our clients, guiding them from training phases into directions appropriate for each artist from concert dance and classical ballet to commercial television vehicles, Las Vegas stage production to major feature film projects.

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